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1. What is XEN Dashboard?

XEN Dashboard is a data dashboard for XEN Crypto. Its inclusion of both macro and micro data gives users access to a broad range of data. Dashboard's systematic professional data indicators provide users with superior data support services, making it easier for users to refer to and make decisions. We have set up a Discord channel for all to discuss XEN Dashboard. Click here to join: http://C2Labs.Club/

2. What can XEN Dashboard do?

  • XEN Dashboard currently gives you access to the following data:
  • XEN Real-Time HashPower Map
  • XEN Cost Data Analysis Chart
  • XEN Liquidity Data Analysis Chart
  • XEN Staking Data Analysis Chart
  • XEN Penalties Data Analysis Chart
  • XEN Burns Data Analysis Chart
  • XEN Minting Data Analysis Chart
  • Personal Mining Yields Trend Chart
  • Personal Mining Cost Analysis Chart More data indications will soon be available.

3. What is the relationship between XEN Dashboard and XENTurbo?

XENTurbo is a product suite developed by CryptoCell Labs that focuses on the XEN Crypto ecosystem. XEN Dashboard is one of XENTurbo's product services, sharing XENTurbo’s account and data systems.

4. Which public chains are supported?

XEN Dashboard now supports just ETH, but will soon enable public chains such as BSC and Polygon.

5. Does XEN Dashboard charge?

The macro data indicators in XEN Dashboard are available to the public for free. Users need to register and log in to access personal data services, which are only available after subscribing membership services.

6. How are data indicators defined?

No.Data IndicatorDefinition
1Network HashPowerThe gas fees consumed by the official website contract, CoinTool contract, and MyCoinTool contract are actual data. Other gas consumptions are estimations.
2Active MintersActive Minters = Global Rank – Claimed cRank
3Today's MintsThe network's daily estimated yields of XEN
4Total MintsThe network's estimated XEN supply for minting addresses
5XEN Network BeatsGlobal Rank increase per unit time
6Current Mining DifficultyMining difficulty reveals in the current gas price
7My HashPowerMy HashPower is the total gas consumed by minting addresses managed by Claim Monitor
8My MachinesNumber of minting addresses managed by Claim Monitor
9My Mints of TodayDaily estimated yields of XEN
10My Total MintsEstimated XEN for addresses managed by Claim Monitor
11Network Cost per XEN (Liquid)Network Cost per XEN (Liquid) = Total Gas Fee of Liquid XEN (including Mint & Claim) / Total Supply
12Network Cost per XEN (Minting, including Claim fees)Network Cost per XEN (Minting) = Total Gas Fee of Total Minting XEN + Estimated Total Gas Fee of Future Claim) / Total Mints
13Network cRank Daily Average CostcRank Network Daily Average Cost = Total Gas Fee of Daily Mints / Daily Number of New Addresses
14Network cRank Market Average CostcRank Network Market Average Cost = Sum of average daily cost of cRank / Since Genesis Days
15My Average cRank CostMy Average cRank Cost = Total Gas Fee of My Mints / My Cumulative Number of Minting Addresses
16My Cost per XEN (Claimed)My Cost per XEN (Claimed) = Total Gas Fee of My Liquid XEN (including Mint & Claim) / My Claimed XEN Amount
17My Cost per XEN (Minting, including Claim fees)My Cost per XEN (Minting) = (Total Minting Gas Fee of My Mints + Estimated Total Gas Fee of Future Claims) / My Total Mints
18Total SupplyTotal Supply = Total Liquidity + Total Stakes
19Total Liquid SupplyTotal Liquid Supply = Total Claims – Staking Amount – Total Burns
20Total StakedTotal Staked
21Total PenaltiesThe penalty for not claiming XEN when the mint term matured
22Total BurnsTotal amount of XEN burned to mint XENFT
23Daily New SupplyDaily New Supply = Daily Total Supply – Total Supply of the Previous Day
24Daily New StakedDaily New Staked = Daily Total Staked – Total Staked of the Previous Day
25Daily New BurnsNew burning of the day = the burning amount for minting XENFT on the day
26Daily New LiquidityDaily New Liquidity = Daily Total Liquidity – Total Liquidity of the Previous Day
27Today’s New SupplyToday’s New Supply = Today’s Total Supply – Total Supply of the Previous Day
28Today’s New LiquidityToday’s New Liquidity = Today’s Total Liquidity – Total Liquidity of the Previous Day
29Estimate Max SupplyEstimated based on parameters such as the current minted term distribution and the newly added Global Ranks in the past 30 days
30MinedMined = Total Supply + Total Minting
31UnminedUnmined = Estimated Max Supply - Mined

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