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XEN Claim Monitor

1. What is XEN Claim Monitor?

XEN Claim Monitor is a real-time monitoring tool launched by CryptocellLabs to monitor the status of XEN claims of your wallet address, and will send you a reminder email when the claim time is approaching, so as not to miss the claim time and cause losses.

2. Which public chains are supported?

Currently only supports the ETH public chain, and will expand to other public chains in the future.

3. Why can't I receive the monitoring result email?

There are several reasons for not receiving monitoring emails:

  • There is currently no wallet address close to the claim time;
  • The claimed wallet address Term is less than 7 days, in order to avoid any disturbance to you, a reminder email will only be sent on the day of claiming.
  • Your Email may be blocked, please check in spam;

4. Is it possible to unsubscribe from the email?

Yes. You may click the unsubscribe link in each received email, or go to the CryptoCellLabs official website to unsubscribe your email address. You may also delete monitoring addresses one by one.

5. Does Claim Monitor charge a fee?

The Claim Monitor service tool is currently free.