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Batch Minting Tool XENTurbo Miner Help Guide

1.How does the XENTurbo Miner batch mint XEN work?

In order to mint XEN and handle unified operations, it employs the contract to generate addresses in batches. Batch addresses are generated using your main wallet's algorithm; no private key or recovery phrases are required.

2.What is the difference between Miner and traditional manual minting?

It can save a lot of time and energy, avoid tedious and repetitive work, and save Gas fees for multi-wallet transfer authorization.

3.How much Gas fee will it save over a single wallet?

Using Ethereum as an example, minting 100 addresses can save roughly 5% of Gas fee under the same Gwei conditions.

You can save around 75%(Ethereum) of the Gas fee by using the XENTurbo-supported function for reclaiming and re-minting slots.

4.What advantages does XENTurbo Miner offer over the official XENFT contract?

XENTurbo Miner has an empty slot layout. These addresses can still be utilized after a batch of addresses has ended claiming. About 20% of the Gas fee can be saved by reusing empty slots.

Furthermore, XENTurbo Miner has a Claim & ReMint feature. When a batch of addresses expires, it allows for simultaneous claiming and re-minting, which reduces Gas costs by 75%(Ethereum) compared to the "minting first, then claiming" method, and the benefit is evident.

Referring to a transaction (i.e., batch minting and claiming) between XENTurbo Miner and the official XENFT contract is as follows:

Batch 100 VMUs ComparisonBatch MintingBatch MintingBatch ClaimingBatch ClaimingBatch ReMintingBatch ReMintingBatch Claiming and ReMintingBatch Claiming and ReMinting
Official XENFT Gas Consumption19,143,3350.287155,008,2010.07512N/AN/AN/AN/A
XENTurbo Miner Gas Consumption18,962,8680.284444,515,1000.0677315,133,7250.227016,381,9960.09573
Difference Value180,4670.00271493,1010.007404,009,6100.0601441517,769,5400.26654
Saving ratio compared to the official XENFT0.94%0.94%9.85%9.85%20.95%20.95%73.58%73.58%

5. What distinguishes XENTurbo Miner from alternative batch minting tools?

As we all know, XENTurbo was the first community to propose the Claim & Reuse strategy, which would enable users to save more than 75%(Ethereum) on gas costs. We also benefit from the following factors:

  • Costs are reduced when minting and claiming are combined.
  • Higher limit of VMUs for single mint, claim, create empty slots, re-mint using empty slots, claim and re-mint.
  • Minting results can be synchronized to Claim Monitor.
  • By using Miner for minting, you can earn XENTurbo platform points that can be redeemed for benefits on the platform. Current minting records will be retroactively rewarded with platform points upon their introduction.
  • Auto XENTurbo Miner will soon to be released, making it more convenient for unattended operation. Please see Batch Minting XENTurbo Miner Gas Limit Optimization Instructions for more details regarding gas saving specifics.

6. What distinguishes the Auto XENTurbo Miner from the Manual XENTurbo Miner?

Auto Miner offers enhanced flexibility and convenience, empowering users to create minting and claiming tasks effortlessly. Users can set the upper limit for gas prices before minting and claiming, enabling immediate mint or claim when the monitored gas prices meet the specified conditions. This effectively allows users to control the costs associated with minting and/or claiming.

7. Is using your tools safe?

With more than 5 million user visits, XENTurbo is one of the most well-known and reputable communities in the XEN Crypto ecosystem. The team members all have extensive OG crypto experience, so we definitely share your concern about security. We will set up a security audit on the contract with a reliable third-party organization.

8. What happens to the coins left unclaimed if the XENTurbo website shuts down?

Users do not need to rely solely on the official website. We have implemented two measures to ensure the security of users' assets.

Measure 1: We are soon deploying a decentralized website frontend, which will be stored on the decentralized IPFS network and cannot be shut down. Even if ceases operation, you can still use this frontend page to claim your tokens securely.

Measure 2: In the future, we will open-source the XENTurbo Miner contract, allowing you to retrieve your tokens directly from the block explorer of the corresponding blockchain.

9. What is the ideal minting approach?

  • If you have a claimable, choose Claim & ReMint to combine the two actions of Claim and ReMint Empty-Slots Minting into one. It's anticipated that this plan will reduce Gas costs by more than 75%(Ethereum).
  • If you have empty slots, use it to mint to save 30% on Gas fee.
  • If there are no empty slots: Please create empty slots according to actual needs, but it is generally recommended to choose regular casting to be more cost-effective.

10. Is XENTurbo Miner a paid service?

In order to provide users with enhanced services, Miner (Ethereum) applies a nominal fee of approximately 2% during the minting process, covering General Mint, Empty Slot Minting, and Claim & Re-mint. Other services such as creating empty slots and claimings are provided free of charge.

The specific fee structure for Miner (Ethereum) is as follows: Each VMU incurs a fixed fee of 0.0001 ETH, equivalent to 5000 Gas units at a gas price of 20 Gwei per VMU. To put it into perspective, in General Mint, when the Gas price is 30 Gwei, the fee accounts for approximately 1.8% of the total cost. For details on the fee structure on other chains, please refer to the information provided on the Miner page.

Rest assured, XENTurbo is committed to maintaining the current fee standards and will promptly implement the two measures mentioned in item 8 to safeguard user rights. We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the "Referral Plan," which enables users to invite friends to use Miner and earn fee rewards, allowing everyone to share in the benefits of the XEN Crypto community ecosystem.

Furthermore, utilizing Miner for minting allows users to earn CRP (CryptoCellLabs Reward Points), which can be redeemed for various benefits, including VIP membership, merchandise, and more. The current minting records will be retroactively credited with CRP upon their launch.

11. Other Operational Instructions

  • Unresponsive Wallet Connection
    Upgrade to the latest version of the Chrome browser, clear all browser cache, and refresh the page to resolve the issue.

  • Transaction Failure with Deducted Fees
    In rare cases, when there are intense fluctuations in gas prices, this issue may occur (which is not related to XENTurbo Miner). To avoid this problem, it is recommended to perform mint operations during periods of less volatile gas prices.

  • Slow Access to the Website
    Try using a different proxy node or clearing your browser cache before attempting to access the website again.

  • Delay in Data Visibility after Minting
    Due to network issues, there might be a delay in immediately displaying the minted data. In such cases, please allow approximately 1 hour for the on-chain data to synchronize automatically.

  • Do I Need to Reserve Extra ETH in the minting wallet?
    Sometimes, it may be noticed that the estimated cost before minting is lower than the cost provided by MetaMask. There are two reasons for this:
    (1) The estimation is dynamic, and significant fluctuations in gas prices can result in less accurate cost estimates.
    (2) The wallet reserves a portion of the fees, which may not be fully utilized. Any unused fees are refunded (returned to the wallet). However, if the cost provided to the blockchain is insufficient, the transaction will fail (and Ethereum will deduct the fee).