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COINTurbo Automated Order Snap-Up Help Center

1. What is COINTurbo?

COINTurbo is a versatile tool for automated coin purchasing that comes equipped with a range of functions. Right now, it offers a feature that enables you to snap up new coins on CEX by setting up order tasks in advance using your CEX API Key. This allows you to bypass the line and purchase new coins immediately when they are listed.

In the future, COINTurbo will introduce more functions, such as the ability to purchase coins on DEX and snap up NFTs. Keep an eye out for updates!

2. Function Highlights?

  • Supports multiple CEX snap-ups via API Key
  • Automatically snatches new coins within milliseconds
  • Uses innovative distributed design for efficient coin snatching.

3. How to create an API Key?

  • To create an API Key, you have a couple of options. You can search for the API function on the official website or application of CEX and create it yourself. Alternatively, you can go to the new coin purchase page on the exchange's website, click the "Add" button on the API Key management page, and follow the link to create an API Key.
  • To view the precautions (which are very important) when creating an API Key for each exchange, click on the "Add" button located on the API Key management page of the exchange's new coin purchase section.
  • Once you've created an API Key, you need to add it to the corresponding exchange in order to use it.

Each exchange supports only one API Key, so monitor its validity and replace or delete it promptly after expiration.

4. Which exchanges are supported by the CEX Snap-up?

COINTurbo's CEX snap-up feature currently works with three exchanges:, OKX, and MEXC. We're planning to add more mainstream CEXs in the near future, so stay tuned for further updates.

5. How to ensure the security of API Key?

  • When setting up an API Key, you only need to authorize query and transaction capabilities - there's no need to grant withdrawal permissions.
  • We advise against keeping excessive funds in the exchange account linked to the API Key, as a precautionary measure for your security.
  • To provide extra safeguards for our users, COINTurbo requires Google Authenticator verification for creating snap-up order tasks.

6. Why isn't my transaction being executed if my trigger price is higher than the market price?

This can happen for one or more of the following reasons.

  • The exchange imposes restrictions on API mode trading during the listing of this pair.
  • The insufficient trading depth of this pair on the exchange can cause issues.
  • Transactions may fail due to network delays.
  • If your VIP level is low, your snap-up order task may be placed at the end of the order queue.

7. Snap-up Notes and Precautions

The ability of users to be the first ones to snap up new coins is influenced by various factors. The most crucial factor is whether the exchange has imposed any internal restrictions on the API. The second factor is the validity of your order's trigger price.

Internal API restrictions and initial price limitations are two common factors that affect users' ability to snap up newly listed coins. For example, Matcha Exchange typically prohibits API orders for the first five minutes after market opening, while prioritizes internal API requests during the first 100 milliseconds of trading. Additionally, some exchanges may fabricate K-line data by setting artificially low starting prices to generate impressive price increases. To address this, we record all transaction records during the first few seconds of market opening and share them with VIP users to help inform their new coin snap-up strategies.

Rapid order placement within milliseconds can help users minimize costs and gain a significant advantage, particularly when dealing with projects like CORE, GFT, GPT, and RJV. For instance, when launched the new coin RJV, our users were able to acquire it at a comparatively lower cost. Moreover, with GPT, the transaction price is almost identical to that of the IDO whitelist.

The crucial factors for making profits with CEX Snapup are the price design strategy and the assessment of the project's potential. COINTurbo plans to release additional decentralized order snap-up tools, such as DEX snap-up and NFT snap-up. These tools eliminate the opaque operations and limitations of centralized exchanges, making the process more accessible and equitable for everyone.

8. Does CEX Snapup come with a fee?

There are no charges for creating an order snap-up task, but users must acquire a VIP membership to use the order snap-up tool. The VIP membership level determines the extent of the membership privileges.

9. COINTurbo Video Tutorial

COINTurbo CEX Snapup Video Tutorial

COINTurbo CEX Snapup Tutorial

COINTurbo New Coins & Affiliate Program Video Tutorial

COINTurbo New Coins & Affiliate Program Tutorial