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1. What is BlockCat?

BlockCat is a gadget that keeps track of blockchain addresses in real time and can deliver the monitoring results to your mailbox on a regular basis. You can use it to monitor some whale addresses or addresses of interest in order to understand the dynamics of the target address in real time.

2. Which public chain addresses are supported?

BTC / ETH / BNB / RVN public chains are supported at the moment, additional public chains will be added later.

3. Will you be disturbed by emails?

You can choose how frequently you want to receive subscription emails to prevent disruption.

4. Why can't I receive the monitoring result email?

Several factors can prevent you from getting monitoring emails:

  • Please check your spam folder if this email has been blocked.
  • It could be because there were no transactions at the target address during the monitoring period.
  • It's possible that you've just set it up, in which case the effective time will be determined from 0:00 (UTC+8).

5. Is it possible to stop monitoring?

Of course. Every email you receive has an unsubscribe option. Alternately, visit BlockCat, select email to unsubscribe from, or stop monitoring only for a specific address.

6. Does BlockCat charge a fee?

BlockCat is a free address monitoring tool launched by the CryptoCellLabs platform that makes it easy for users to manage target addresses.

7. Can I view the address map?

Temporarily unavailable. Stay tuned for the release of a blockchain address relationship map and transaction map in the near future.